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BBFUW (2010)

“Five Star Work ”


Come winter past the house was all in order
Came time to go and double cross the border
Of knowing and comfort
Where I banged my head on the reason
That put me on a road to you.

Caught in a world with voices yelling louder
Outside a style that values keeping powder
Dry for the next time
Do I hang my head for the season?
Or do I stay out on the road awhile?

Call anytime you can place your bet
I think I'm doing five star work
But that's not what I get
I'm trying to have a heart to heart
But we have never met
It's been a long, long day
And it's not over yet.

Come Annabelle the jump is the creation
Who listens for a whispered revelation?
Is there no needing
To tell the tale with other than screaming?
It's probably just some soft pop jazz.

I navigate through purist good intentions
I've got GPS but they don't take directions
They know where they're going
And you better go along with what they are saying
Or you will not be playing long
You will not be going on.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |