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BBFUW (2010)

“Not Too High ”


I try not to get too high
I don't go too low
I try not to get too high
I don't go too low.

This is how I start each day
Reflection in a mirror
Cold and flat and looking back
Mercury and clear
But there's a grin keeps pushing in
A welcome to the world
And if I had a walking stick
I'd give that cane a twirl.


She's totally small picture
I'm always talking big
That must be the reason
We keep crashing up our rig.
I know she's got her own life
I figure I've got mine
But every now and then we find
A way to share some time.


For better or for worse
I follow my own star
For the praise or for the curse
I'm setting my own bar
Speaking of the bar and all
I think I'll go down there
And have a drink with all my friends
For those no longer here

© Gerry Wall | Canada |