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BBFUW (2010)

“The Line”


I'm the line you said you'd never cross
I'm the shine you thought that you had lost
You pinned my name onto the wall of never in this life
Now you're fingering the needle that just might get you high

I don't mind the pace that never ends
Too much time can be the devil's friend
I will lay my hand upon a shoulder that is cold
Until the blood beneath runs hot until the heart grows bold

I'm the sign of passage yet to come
I'm the time that never had its run
And I will spin into an arc that carries hope upon
Until the dogs of light have shone, until the light is gone.

Some folks like to feel the sun, others take the shade
Me I take whatever comes 'cause that's the way I'm made.

I am the name that's written cross your chest
I am the burn that never lets you rest
And I will bow before your will when bowing's what you need
But I will never change what is and I will always be
I am the line.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |