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ex Patriots' Day (2007)

“Are You Making Any Friends?”


Well I almost quit my job today
Some guy got right into my face
With Shawinigan's best handshake
I should have sent him on his way.

Some things are bound to happen
Some drift on by
Much is shown but little known
And less the reason why.

Well I met a girl (I met a boy) in town today (Just what I need)
She works Friday's (But he's new in town) at Bishop's Place (Just like me)
Her hair it brushed (He smiled at me) across my face (I still feel the flame)
We might meet up down the road a ways.

I can remember the face
But can't remember the name
I didn't mean to be gone too long
But a long time just came.

I got a call from home late last night
Everybody seemed to be doing alright
And Mom brought up the same old thing again
Tell me Son are you making any friends?

© Gerry Wall | Canada |