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ex Patriots' Day (2007)



This may come as one surprise
You may never realize
Every choice my wife makes isn't mine.

I know I seem the aimless sort
Who plots along the easy course
But who knows what occurs behind these doors.

Chorus: And all the folks in Saskatoon
Who wonder why they're there
In Januare and Fevrier
And all the folks in Cheticamp
And Baie Comeau and Waskasieu
I drink to you and wonder too.

I know that she will think at times
About a lover left behind
Everybody does why shouldn't she?

I would never cross the line
Of what is hers and what is mine
There's more there than I could ever use.

I don't really give a damn
If I'm a fool for what I am.
If that's a fool then everyone is too.
And every choice that you make isn't mine.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |