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ex Patriots' Day (2007)

“Lost at Home”


You didn't listen to your dream
You took the truth that someone else believed
You put no money on yourself
Now the dream's with someone else.

First doorway on the right
They take your photo and your fight
They take a business look at what you've got
They sell success, it's not.

Now you are miles alone
You are lost at home.

You're always stuck inside the scene
Where your stick gets lifted constantly
You need to put the puck into the net
It hasn't happened yet.

The eyes are hard up on the bench
There's talk of lawyers on defense
Its time to pull those papers from your desk
The fine print should be read.

Well I bet my future on a rising star
And I moved real fast so I'd go real far
It was just bad luck when the market failed
And I stayed too long when I should have bailed.

How I wish I had a reset
But I won't leave 'cause it's not over yet.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |