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ex Patriots' Day (2007)

“Willow Bluff V2”


Back on the prairie where the river runs slow
I met a young girl with the wheels to go
So I took her hand and went down the Willow Bluff
And I kissed her lips blood red and rough.

Well my legs got loose and my head got high
And my will got weak when I looked her in the eye
So I charmed that girl for an afternoon
And I tried to make her laugh so she'd follow me home.

And when the time came
She said you're really not that funny
When you gonna learn boy
It's all about the money.

And you can be blind on your own time
If you want to
But I've got priorities
And I can't waste mine.

Down in Lafitte's where the roof hangs low
By the old stone wall, she talked real slow
"Can I kiss you boy, I like your stuff"
And sent time on the wind, back to Willow Bluff.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |