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ex Patriots' Day (2007)

“Stalin and Babba Looey”


I was drinking cappuccino
In a café found in themes
Watching Stalin and Babba Looey
Miss the point on what life means
Dreams that invite you to move in
When your living spirit warns
Northern Dancer got the roses
Jesus got the thorns

These days are like a sprocket
And I am like a chain
There's precious little time before
Those teeth come 'round again

Imaginations formed in suburbs
Garbage in your streams
We delegate emotions
& other people's dreams
Judged by the colour of your stole
Or what you drive around - excusez!
'Til you find that times when minds meet
Are scarce as common ground.

From a future without limit
In the brazen zeal of youth
To the towers where the toothless
Write the third draft of the truth

Maybe life is just a factory
That packs meaning into time
And you are just a vision
I hope to hold as mine

© Gerry Wall | Canada |