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Outlook (2014)

“Lucky One”


Curse this rain and damn the truth
We all are living in a viewing booth
A few bad breaks, a few mistakes
As if I don't have what it takes.


   But I have been
   As a wind
   I have been
   Moving on
I've looked long, I've looked hard
I wasn't looking in my backyard
A few bad bets, a few regrets
Like one too many cigarettes.


Bless the child who's sleeping rough
Bless the soul who's had enough
A few bad burns, a few returns
I guess everybody learns.


Here's my plan do what you can
It's been coming on since the world began
A few false starts, a few faint hearts
We build it up from our discarded parts.


I have been a lucky one
I found a way to carry on.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |