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Outlook (2014)

“Paid in Love”


You won't talk to me anymore
You won't open up when I come by your door
You won't hold my hand in the rain
You won't ever give your smile to me again.

I don't know where you are out there
Is there someone close to show you they care
I am already back on my feet
But if I'm walking I walk in my sleep.

All is fair some say
In love and war in business and play
All will pass some day
I don't know how it came to this
Or what the future holds
I only know that everything I owe
Is paid in love.

There's no time it seems anymore
But if I had the time what would I use it for
White and black time won't come back
Load my troubles up and send them down the track


There's a crowd talking loud
Getting high
Some of them even call my name
But all I see when I look across the room
Is your face

© Gerry Wall | Canada |