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Outlook (2014)

“Start With the Truth”


Let's start with the truth this time
You said you called, you never tried
I told you I was working late
But you knew right away it was a lie.

   Still going on
   In spite of what we do
   We go on
  Together me and you
Sarah wants to be the one
To lead the charge into the common day
She tells me what I have to do
But what she really wants she doesn't say.


Hey ey ey ey
It didn't seem we'd have a history
Hey ey ey ey
I was wrong

Now you're staring back at me
Telling me what words could never say
Tell me this or tell me that
Your smile is telling me that it's OK.

Chorus and Bridge

Falling like a tear into the sun
Whisper like a kiss and then were done.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |