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Returning Fire (2004)

ďDonít Tell My MotherĒ


(John McMullen with minor additions by Wall & Knight)

Donít tell my mother
Sheíll think Iím crazy
Donít tell my mother
She donít need to be told.

Spare her the details
Of my adventures
Donít tell my mother
She donít see me that way.

ĎCause one fine day
Weíre going to wake up
With the world at our door
Even now before the shake-up
We wonít go hungry no more.

Donít tell my mother
About the dangers
She only listens
To the voices of angels.

ĎCause Iíve got you and thatís all that matters
Let the world find its own
Even now though weíve been shattered
We will find a way home.

Donít tell my motherÖ

© Gerry Wall | Canada |