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Returning Fire (2004)

ďLast ChanceĒ


Hey Maria quick come see
Thereís our neighbour on TV
What do you think he is holding?
Heís got an old jacket that last was worn
About the time his first child was born
Coloured bright and paisley.

Itís your last chance to paint the sky
Look at how the time goes by.
Itís the last dance donít let it pass
The minuteís quick but the longing lasts.

Well Iím a Prairie boy, I feared no fish
My life dangled like a birthday wish
All anticipation.
I got myself a job, thought Iíd stay about a year
Now they call me the old guy here
Iím thinking about retiring.

Last night I dreamt I saw time bend
But my morning had no time to lend.
Itís just another morning.
William Shakespeare quill and ink
You can download a lifeís work in a blink
In almost any language.

Round about six I took a phone call
It broke me up like a wrecking ball.

The days go slow but the years go so fast.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |