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Returning Fire (2004)

“No Pearl”


You came to me you were looking for a reason
You didn’t find it so you disappeared.
You called it fate but it’s just another season
Where the weather turned weird.

There’s not much in the dreams you used to talk of
There’s not much in your routine
There’s not much in the way you felt about me
But you were my dream.

One day you’re going to need it
One day you will see
You’ve got less than you thought was in your fortune
You’ve got less than you think is in your past
You get less out of each day than you ought to
And your tide won’t turn.

You passed a test when you didn’t look away
You got my best when you made me smile
Now I confess that I’m not a little child
But who was on trial?

(There’s not much… )

You’re no pearl in any world that I know girl.
You’re no breeze in the trees making sweet melodies.
You’re no light in the night ascending bright.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |