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Returning Fire (2004)

ďShe DeservesĒ


Hope like a flame never fades
Ghosts unlike your clothes canít be changed
It gets so hard being blessed or not
You only know it happened with a rear view shot.

She didnít get the best start
Her man didnít hold up his part
The kids donít get it and they wonít for a while
But she always makes sure to send them off with her smile.

And thereís only one thing she feels good for
Thatís to wipe their feet at the kitchen door
To fetch their coats when its time for them to leave.

And thereís only one thing that she wants more
Than to sail away to a distant shore
Thatís a little respect but she deserves much more.

She isnít the type to complain
Each child gives her will to remain
She might have been handed just pieces of coal
But her touch turns each of them into gold.

© Gerry Wall | Canada |