1. Most Criminals 

The minute you want it is the minute you lose. / You think you’ve decided but did you really choose? / It’s safe in the middle of who’s who is whose / You know it’s too easy but you just can’t refuse

Most criminals don’t go to work on Monday / They don’t like playing house / Or sitting on the couch / The weekend waves and it’s another day. 

Now you’re sitting pretty got money in hand / Some online attention building your brand / You’re lost in the middle of more for me land / You want an exclusive for taking the stand.

Situation breaking all across the room / The doors and the windows have closed / Situation breaking all across the land / Those who don’t need it end up with the most.

The minute you wanted is the minute you lose / You think you’re deserving of all that you use / You’re caught in the middle of spoils and dues / The man on the doorstep just follows the rules.

2. Today is a Day 

Pain and glory what’s the deal? / I’m not sorry that I feel / This way.

Messed up story with appeal / Not to worry there’s a steal / Away. / Today is a day.

Today is a dayv Today is a day / Today is a day you shine your light. / You shine your light.

So go on and step up / Go on and step right up / Go on and step to the light (and shine).

Snakes and ladders just because / Nothing matters, and it does / In some way. / Today is a day.

3. The Early Dreams 

These are the early days / Come what will, come what may / Perchance that we can dream / Know not how, when or why

I’m closing my eyes, I’m closing my eyes / I’m closing my eyes, not my mind

We roll around the sun / Its just a star swings us round / Turns our night to day / Just a star we call our own

Come what will, come what may

A hundred billion stars / Populate the Milky Way / A hundred billion more / Milky Ways out in space

These are the early days. / These are the early days. / These are the early days – the early days / These are the early dreams.

4. When I Wanted Ottawa 

I don’t know why I stayed so long / In Las Vegas when I wanted Ottawa / If magic is real bring it on / If you have the touch then kindly wave your wand.

You had my favour for so long / You didn’t hear my voice above the noise / But I was singing all along.

Why do I care holding on / I know you didn’t promise me I brought it on / And I may have been just unfair / I may have even said I didn’t care

Somebody told me boy just join the choir / Said its up to me / But my voice is not missing / You just have to listen, you just have to listen / I’ve been singing all along.

I don’t know why I stayed so long / In Las Vegas when I wanted Ottawa.

5. Dumb Enough  

This music bores me, TV’s the same / I’m getting tired of this video game. / Enlightenment it ain’t, just adds to the grime / But I’m dumb enough to have a good time. / My job is shaky, no guarantee / Come tomorrow I’m not a workplace casualty

The market is great, for some other guy / But I’m dumb enough to have a good time.

Mama told me pay attention / To the things that matter most / But I’ve got this apprehension  / That maybe I don’t. / The head of the country is crying the blues / The first amendment is selling fake news

He’s building a wall that no one can climb / And I’m dumb enough to think that’s a crime. 

I used to think I, was a VIP / I figured out that its just little old me / The mountain is high, I’m still climbing the climb / But I’m dumb enough to have a good time.

I’m making the scene, ‘til the final chime / But I’m dumb enough to have a good time

6. Half the Battle  

Well I guess we’ve seen hard times, who has not / I guess we were hoping for some things we never got. / Half of the battle is ending the fight / The best of the other part is doing what’s right.

Seems like everyday I’m trying to make do /And every night is one more to get through /  The centre of the universe should come as no surprise / It stumbles down the alleyways of compromise.

So let’s forget about winning for a while / Let’s take everything we owe and pay it with a smile. / The long days of summer won’t return / Our pages of history are fading as they turn.

Seems like everyday I’m trying to make do / And every night is one more to get through / What’s the point of promising if believing has no pain? / We pay the price; we pay it twice and pay again.

I guess we’ve been lucky; some have not / We measure the gains and loss but who knows what they’ve got. / Half of the battle is ending the fight / The best of the other part is doing what is right.

7. A Kiss Less Tender 

She didn’t take my number after lunch / Is the kiss less tender when the hands are rough?

So get this part / A simple line can be a work of art / So let me start / Eventually you will behold a heart

Today I hold a paintbrush in my hands / But then I think a hammer’s just the tool / At times I put up full deflector shields / Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes it’s “run you fool”.

I guess I’m proud of living as it fits / And I wouldn’t be the one to call it quits. / I eddy in when others take the flow / I hang around when I know I should go

I guess I’d have to say I’m slow / I stay too long when I know I should go

The practical realities are clear / She didn’t have my number just my name / Caught between the longing and the facts / But Saturday at 2 her message came.

8. Manatee 

I was talking to a sailor down by the sea / I asked him about life and liberty / And with a grin that took me in he said look to the lee / And you will find you’re wiser than the average manatee

 And I’ve heard it said that good times don’t come easily / And I know all about the mileage and the gas / And I’m finding out sometimes you swallow hard / Sometimes you pass.

I was talking to a purple girl who lived in forests carved from pearl / She wore as rings three shining moons. / And I was impressed and did my best to casualize the scene I think / she might have made it if I’d been green.

This time I don’t need a reason this time I’m not waiting for the bell / This time the moment is for seizing so hear me well / I said farewell.

Is this some kind of hurricane? Or doldrums I can’t tell / Give me things that work my friend I need them to work well / Cause I’m tired of playing Magic Stan and picking up the change / If they never see the wavelength babe you just tell’em / I got strange.

And I’ve heard it said / That good times don’t come easily / I know all about the mileage and the gas / And I’m finding out sometimes you swallow hard / Sometime you pass.

9. Graduation  

There will come a time as sure as will / The winds of change will blow you off that hill

It may still seem calm  / Not dangerous or strong / You may be the last to feel / You’re in a hurricane / It’s your graduation

Late night light that breaks on through in mourning / No time to wait when you have heard the warning

If they forget your name / And they don’t smile the same / Maybe that’s the best for you / The best that you can do / It’s your graduation.

Calling on the sun / Calling on the day / Calling on the sun / To show the way.

Early darkness sets on the horizon / A whispering is heard the wind is rising / The hunters and the game, the chokers and the lame / Business deals and codicils nobody takes the blame / It’s your graduation.

Gerry Wall – Vocals and Guitar
Steve O’Connor – Keyboards and Accordion
Mike Francis – Guitars and Mandolin
Brian Barlow – Drums and Percussion
Scott Alexander – Electric and Upright Bass
Tara Holloway – Vocal on “When I Wanted Ottawa”
Andrew Kesler – Vocal on “Half the Battle” and “Today is a Day” Outro
Doug Johnson – Steel Guitar on “Graduation”
Kellie Rucker – Harmonica on “Graduation”
Mike Tremblay – Saxophone on “Manatee” and “Most Criminals”
Mark Ferguson – Trombone on “Most Criminals” and horn chart
Dee Dee Butters – Background Vocals on “Most Criminals”, “A Kiss Less Tender” and
Neil Donell – Background Vocals on “Today is a Day”
Voices of Praise Gospel Choir – Background Vocals on “The Early Dreams”
Ken Harnden – Background Vocals on “Dumb Enough” and “Manatee”
Produced by Gerry Wall
Recorded by Ken Harnden at Pinnacle Music Studios
Additional Recording by Steve Foley at Audio Valley Studio, Chad Irschick at Inception
Sound, Andrew Burns at Living Music Studio and Gerry Wall at Mista Buena Vista
Mixed by Ken Harnden and Gerry Wall
Charts and more by Mike Francis
Mastered by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound
Cover Art – “James” by Suzanne Scott
Back Photograph – Marc Seguin
Graphics – Gas Graphics
All songs written by Gerry Wall (SOCAN) except “Manatee” by Gerry Wall and Graham