1. Sha La La

There ain’t no one no one and only / There ain’t no too much gin / There ain’t no three’s a lucky charm / Baby come on

There ain’t no four for what it’s worth / There ain’t no five closing time / There ain’t on six turning nine / Baby come on. 

Cause I will take you in / I don’t care where you’ve been / Take my hand, take my hand / Baby give me your hand. /

There ain’t no once upon a time / There ain’t no too far gone /  There ain’t no three ships a sailing / Baby come on.

There ain’t no forget me not / There ain’t no five come alive / There ain’t no six working days / Baby come on.

2. Pour a Little Wine

We sat close watching the pouring rain / We kept on talking when the midnight came

We drank a little water, poured a little wine / Took off our shoes man that’s fine

Might be too early, might be too late / Might be together at ninety-eight

They’ll never make a movie / There won’t be a book / No-one will ever know that / We’re cooler than we look.

Sun come calling come cherry lime / We’re in no hurry to take our time

3. Lucky One

Curse this rain and damn the truth / We all are living in a viewing booth / A few bad breaks, a few mistakes / As if I don’t have what it takes.

But I have been as a wind / And I have been moving on 

I’ve looked long, I’ve looked hard / I wasn’t looking in my backyard / A few bad bets, a few regrets / Like one too many cigarettes.

Bless the child who’s sleeping rough / Bless the soul who’s had enough / A few bad burns, a few returns / I guess everybody learns.

Here’s my plan do what you can / It’s been coming on since the world began / A few false starts, a few faint hearts / We build it up from our discarded parts.

I have been a lucky one / I found a way to carry on.

4. Second Look

Wander off and then come back / No one’s writ the book / Honey I get better / With a second look

Grab on like the devil / The angels set the hook / Honey I get better / With a second look

All along this is what we waited for / All along this why we’re here / It happens when you’re near / All right take a second look take a look

You don’t get to keep / Everything you took / But empty pockets flatter / With a second look

When they come to question / The passage that you took / I can feel it getting better / With a second look

The first time that you saw the light / Was the first time your world shook / Honey you are still alive / So take a second look.

5. Start With the Truth

Let’s start with the truth this time / You said you called, you never tried / I told you I was working late / But you knew right away it was a lie.

Still going on / In spite of what we do / We go on / Together me and you / Belong

Baby wants to be the one / To lead the charge into the common day / She tells me what she wants to do / But what she really wants she doesn’t say.

Hey hey hey / It didn’t seem we’d have a history / Hey hey hey / I was wrong 

Now you’re staring back at me / Telling me what words could never say / Tell me this or tell me that / Your smile is telling me that it’s OK.

Falling like a tear into the sun / Whisper like a kiss and then were done

6. Forty Days 

There is no reason to worry / You’ve got to let yourself flow / Sun comes up, sun goes down / Everybody’s talking but it’s just another sound / You’ve got to let it all go.

There is no reason to hurry / You see them ready to go / One’s a king, one’s a clown / Everybody’s running but they’re running to the ground / You’ve got to let yourself flow

Forty days, forty nights / That’s what you get so get it right / Forty days, forty nights / Hands off the wheel and you don’t know where you’re going / Forty days and nights

There is no judge and no jury / You get to call it yourself / Someone buys, someone sells / Everybody’s living but they’re dreaming something else / You’ve got to let it all go.

7. Paid in Love 

You won’t talk to me anymore /You won’t open up when I come by your door /You won’t hold my hand in the rain /You won’t ever give your smile to me again. /

I don’t know where you are out there /Is there someone close to show you they care /I am already back on my feet /But if I’m walking I walk in my sleep. /

All is fair some say /In love and war business and play /All will pass some day /I don’t know how it came to this /Or what the future holds /I only know that everything I owe /Is paid in love.

There’s no time it seems anymore /But if I had the time what would I use it for /White and black time won’t come back /Load my troubles up and send them down the track

There’s a crowd talking loud /Getting high /Some of them even call my name /But all I see when I look across the room /Is your face

You won’t talk to me anymore /You won’t open up when I come by your door /You won’t hold my hand in the rain /You won’t ever give your smile to me again.

8. Mind Alone

Everyone is on the elevator / Going to a party in the sky

I wouldn’t mind alone /I wouldn’t mind to be alone / I wouldn’t mind to be alone with you. 

Everyone is getting something better / Building for tomorrow on today

Something always has its claws in you / Somewhere else is always / Calling after you / It never goes away / In your head everyday / But don’t forget to play along the way /

Everyone is going out together /Trying on the clothes they’re going to wear

9. Outlook    

Hope you’re feeling better / Hope your outlook is good / Hope you’re feeling better now that I am in your window / Hope your outlook is good

Hope you know who your friends are / Hope you save them near /Hope you find a way to keep them holding on together / Hope you’re outlook is good

You and I and everybody else / Making plans that won’t come true / Now and then the pieces fall in place / The outcome fits what’s due

So put a little love up on the table I will come around / Put a little love up on the table I will be around / Put a little love up on the table and I will be around

Strangers come together / For a moment maybe more / They will never understand the life that came before them / Hope is all we really have.

Gerry Wall – Vocals and Electric Guitar
Steve O’Connor – Keyboards
Mike Francis – Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Brian Barlow – Drums and Percussion
Steve Lucas – Electric and Upright Bass
Neil Donell – Background Vocals and Vocal Arrangements
Lori Dortono – Background Vocals
Ana Miura – Vocal on “Second Look”
Produced by Gerry Wall, Mike Francis and Ken Harnden
Recorded by Ken Harnden at Pinnacle Music Studios
Additional Recording by Ross Murray at Happyrock Studios
Mixed by Ken Harnden and Gerry Wall
Charts and more by Mike Francis
Mastered by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound Studios
All songs written by Gerry Wall (SOCAN”) except “Pour a Little Wine” written by Gerry
Wall and Mike Francis